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Ensuring children maintain a healthy weight as they grow is very important. When children are above a healthy weight, they may develop health problems such as asthma, sleep problems, poor emotional and mental health. They are also at more risk of developing many chronic diseases now, and in the future as adults. 

Parents can talk to their family doctor, a local General Practitioner (GP) or Health Professional about services available for children from South West Sydney who are above a healthy weight.  

Growing Healthy Kids Service

The Growing Healthy Kids Service is for kids aged between 2 and 17 years who are above a healthy weight. This service takes a multidisciplinary, family centred approach to help children achieve and stay at a healthy weight. 

Routine Assessment and Advice 

Healthcare workers are encouraged and supported to routinely assess children's growth and provide a brief intervention and referral, as required.  


Go4Fun is a FREE program for NSW children who are above a healthy weight, aged from 7 to 13 , and for their families. Go4Fun is a fun way to learn more about healthier living. The program focuses on making lifestyle changes as a family, encourages healthy eating habits and fitness and improves self-esteem in kids. 

More information including dates and locations, can be found here

Get Healthy Service  

The Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service is a FREE, confidential, phone-based service which helps participants reach their own healthy lifestyle goals.  

It is open to anyone aged 16 years and over. Participants will get their own university-qualified health coach to help them make healthy lifestyle changes. Health coaches can help you to:  

  • eat healthily  

  • get active  

  • drink less alcohol  

  • achieve a healthy weight gain in pregnancy 

Visit for more information.  


All care provided is evidence-based and supported by ongoing research and evaluation. 



Growing Healthy Kids Service  

Routine Assessment And Advice 



Regular height and weight checks are an important way of making sure our kids are growing at a healthy rate...

Specialist weight management service for kids aged 2 to 17 years and their families...