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Being physically active is good for your teen’s health, but also it is a great way to develop physical and social skills. In general, the more exercise, the better!  

Only 1 in 10 teens currently meet the daily recommended level of physical activity.  

PA for teens


See Australia’s 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for more information.   


Tips for increased movement 

  • Break up daily exercise if 60 minutes is too much at one time,   

  • For example, 20 minutes walking or riding to and from school, and 40 minutes of active play after school = 60 minutes   

  • Meet friends for walks or bike rides instead of going to the movies, playing games, or watching TV    

  • Join a local exercise group or team   

  • Encourage family activities – play games, go for walks, or bike rides together   

  • Build physical activity routines – make it a regular part of their day   

  • Set reminders to avoid sitting for too long  


The Benefits of keeping active 

No matter what activity, whether it is walking, dancing, playing a sport, riding a bike, or surfing, just being physically active is what counts.   

Being active helps to:   

  • Boost confidence   

  • Improve fitness levels   

  • Build stronger muscles and bones   

  • Develop new skills and face different challenges   

  • Maintain a healthy weight   

  • Reduce stress    

  • Improve and promote a healthy heart   

  • Promote healthy growth and development   

  • Improve posture   

  • Meet new people and make new friends   

  • Improves concentration   


The articles below offer more opportunities to get active! 


[Source: Department of Health 24hour Movement Guidelines] 


Girls keeping active  

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